Contracting authorities

                We offer the following services to contracting authorities:

  • Preparation of tender documentation;
  • Revision of tender documentation;
  • Assistance during evaluation of bids;
  • Assistance in developing internal policies and procedures;
  • Assistance in the preparation of opinions upon complaints before the State Commission for complaints of public purchases;
  • General advisory consulting

                Economic operators

  • Registration of the economic operator in the electronic public procurement system;
  • Retrieval of all documentation, necessary for the participation in the public procurement process;
  • Preparation of requests for additional information, questions and explanations;
  • Preparation of bids;
  • Providing legal protection and preparation of complaints;

Law offices

  • Providing consulting expertise in public procurement to law offices.

                International clients

  • Full-service to international clients wishing to participate in a public procurement procedure in North Macedonia:
    • Analysis of the relevant laws and provisions in North Macedonia, assistance and representation in front of banks, governement bodies, contracting authorities including official translation into Macedonian.

We speak English, German, Bulgarian, Serbian.